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4 min readNov 15, 2021
A landscape photo of Humanities Gateway at UC Irvine.

Are you getting ready to submit your undergraduate application to the

by Nov. 30? If so, you’re probably thinking hard about your passions, what you would like to major in, and, ultimately, your future career.

This article can help make that process easier.


School of Humanities is where future leaders, communicators, scholars, CEOs, storytellers, creatives, directors, writers and entrepreneurs come to get their start. Our alumni include Pulitzer-Prize winning writers, film directors, doctors, lawyers, scholars and more.

If you’re interested in humanities disciplines like languages, literature, journalism, ethnic & gender studies and philosophy — among others — consider making the School of Humanities your home.

Here are 7— among many — reasons why you should major in a humanities subject at UCI.

Rehana Morita. Background photo: Don Miyada, Crystal Cove State Park, Oral History Collection.

1) Gain valuable internship experiences. Rehana Morita, a junior majoring in film and media studies and Asian American studies, has had a career-defining internship at the Crystal Cove Conservancy where she combed through the archives to create a photo essay titled “Crystal Cove’s Untold History of Japanese American Farmers.” Learn more about Morita and her favorite classes, internships and career opportunities.

Instructor Ken Provencher teaches a film & media studies course on anime.

2) Take courses that challenge you and prepare you for some of the world’s most coveted professional positions. In our courses, explore topics ranging from climate change writing to ancient myths and medieval monsters, the history of pandemics to the impact of social media, the international cultures of food to the global influence of hip-hop, and so much more.

Erika Hayasaki, associate professor of English in the literary journalism program, works with a student.

3) Learn storytelling from some of the world’s greatest writers. UCI offers the only journalism program in the UC system and the only program of its kind in the country. Hear from a current major the 5 reasons why you should major in literary journalism and meet some of the award-winning faculty here.

Associate Professor Bo Ruberg crosses gender and sexuality studies with the internet, video games and technology.

4) Dive deep into the world of entertainment. Do you love to analyze film and TV shows? How about video games? So do we. At the School of Humanities, you can dive deep into entertainment as a film and media studies major. Hear this student perspective for 10 reasons you should study film and media at


A colorful collage featuring Japanese iconography like manga and traditional architecture.

5) Prepare for a variety of exciting careers by learning a language other than English. The UCI School of Humanities offers instruction in 14 different non-English languages and a variety of majors and minors in languages and culture. For example, are you a fan of Japanese culture? With a Japanese studies major or minor, you can take courses on anime or the art history of Tokyo. Here’s a student perspective on why you should major in Japanese studies at UCI .

A graphic featuring a book from John Murillo III, assistant professor of African American studies.

6) You can study African American studies at another university, but you’ll just be reading the books authored by our faculty anyway. This perspective is one of the many fascinating takes in this video panel with UCI Department of African American Studies faculty.

A group of humanities students make the “zot” hand gesture in front of Humanities Gateway.

7) Can’t pick just one field of study? Good news — double-majoring is a great way to get the most out of your education. In this video, Taylor Nakatsuka, talks about her experiences as an Asian American studies and English double-major and why she loves


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