• Jalen Jones

    Jalen Jones

    Trying to make a house out of words

  • 蓮

    I dabble in the humanities and technology. Documenting my experience with mental health is my way of giving back to the world.

  • O Curioso Mundo de Camis

    O Curioso Mundo de Camis

    Camila de Ávila || PhD candidate in Communication Sciences • (Archaeo)Game researcher • Art Director • Casual Gamer • Cat Lover

  • Audiovisualidades e Tecnocultura (TCAv)

    Audiovisualidades e Tecnocultura (TCAv)

    Grupo de pesquisa Audiovisualidades e Tecnocultura: Comunicação, Memória e Design (TCAv), vinculado ao PPG em Comunicação da UNISINOS.

  • Margaret Segalla

    Margaret Segalla

  • Henry Curi

    Henry Curi

    Sports and human interest stories. I like to write about some pretty cool stuff.

  • Jonathan Daniel

    Jonathan Daniel

  • Audrey Fong

    Audrey Fong

    Music x Food x Asian American Experience / Find me on Twitter and Instagram: @audreyfongfong

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