What can I do with a humanities degree?


A page from a magazine story called “A New Rhythm” featuring a photo of a woman dancing in the middle



A page from a magazine of a story called “An Open Kitchen” featuring a man standing in front of a mural of a cornfield smiling

Cultural understanding

Making connections

A man and woman stand in front of a white brick wall smiling and holding up cups of rolled ice cream. The wall says “Rollin’ Creamery” in black and features a drawing of two spatulas in the middle

Marketing & communications internships at UCI

If you are a current student majoring in the UCI School of Humanities, there are many opportunities to pursue an internship in marketing and communications. Here are just a couple:

English Internship Program

Open to English majors, the English Internship Program provides majors with the opportunity to explore skills and careers in marketing and communications. Interns are placed on marketing and communications teams for departments and programs across the UCI campus and in the local community.

Humanities Out There Internship

Through Humanities Out There, humanities undergraduates are placed in internships both across the UCI campus and with local community organizations. Many of the host institutions offer marketing and communications training, including the School of Humanities’ marketing and communications team, who offers a marketing and communications bootcamp.



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